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Clean and Coat

With the addition of the Scanacon acid management system in 2010, Mid-South Wire saw enough increase in our pickling capacity to begin cleaning and coating steel rods for other businesses in our industry. The quality of the steel surface leaving our cleaning process is far superior to mechanical descaling and even more desirable that other chemical cleaning processes in our industry. We have the ability to receive steel rods, clean the coils, lime coat (if desired), and  re-compact and band. The result is a cleaned rod package ready for shipment and processing at your facility.

Whether you need rods cleaned, coated, or both, Mid-South Wire is committed to servicing your needs with speed, industry leading quality, and professionalism. Our process is capable of cleaning steel rod coils weighing up to 6,000 lbs.

"Just In Time" Delivery

Mid-South Wire boasts an industry leading "Just-in-Time" delivery performance. We are committed to delivering your wire needs when YOU need them. We have the shortest lead-times in the industry allowing us to respond to your special needs every time.

MSW Vendor Managed Inventory Program

With today's focus on "value added" activities, Mid-South Wire has developed the MSW Vendor Managed Inventory System. Whether it is onsite consigned inventory or simply managing the ordering process, Mid-South Wire offers a number of different options to take on the burden of managing your raw material needs. This enables you to take advantage of various benefits such as: on-hand inventory reductions, auto re-ordering, and summary billing options.

Transloading and Distribution Services

Mid-South Wire and MS Logistics are located on the Cumberland River in Nashville, TN. This strategic location allows us to utilize our state of the art barge and rail terminals to provide unloading, storage, and shipment services. The material can be loaded directly on MS Logistics' trucks for prompt delivery to your facility.

Procurement Services

One of Mid-South Wire's greatest strengths is our raw material buying power. By allowing Mid-South Wire to procure your raw materials, we are able to pass on our market advantages while relieving the burdens associated with purchasing direct from producing mills. Our leverage combined with our experience allows us to minimize pricing volatility, eliminate obsolescence, and prevent shortages or stockouts.

MSW Engineering Services

As a part of our commitment to building lasting partnerships with our customers, Mid-South Wire offers more than just quality products, we offer solutions. Our engineering team has over 20 years of combined industrial experience.  Whether your problems are material, mechanical, chemical, or electrical in nature, let our engineering team find a solution for you.