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Wire Facts:

The Book of Exodus, one of the oldest literary works in the Western World, documents the earliest wire-making process. Biblical-era wire was made by hammering thin metal sheets, folding them onto each other, and then pulling or rolling them into thread. (Exodus 39:3)

Wire Facts:

Copper and silver wires used in household items have been excavated from Neolithic graves dating back to 2800 B.C.

Wire Facts:

The earliest forms of metallic wire unearthed by archaeologists date back thousands of years. The original wire discovered comes from the age when Egyptian mummies were entombed with gold adornments.

Wire Facts:

The wire drawing process, the most distinctive characteristic of our industry, is mentioned in Roman archives from A.D. 400.

Wire Facts:

Commonly used gauge numbers originated with the sizing of wire rod. The rod was the starting point for the gauge and was referenced as zero gauge. Higher gauge numbers represented the number of times a rod had to be cold-drawn to obtain a size.

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The staff of Mid-South Wire shares a commitment to excellence and decades of combined wire industry experience. Great people make great products -- and great business.

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From steel rod to specialty drawn wire products, Mid-South Wire will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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Our state-of-the-art equipment and processes mean quality, safety, innovation -- and an excellent selection of wire products.

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Since 1967, family-owned and operated Mid-South Wire has supplied customers with quality wire products. Headquartered in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, the company is recognized as an innovative industry leader with top-notch service.

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